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Subject for this show: Paintings That Heal™ Literally!! Healing art that IS the therapy & art medicine, scientifically documented transformative healing art !

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Paintings that Heal and Adam Dream Healer Useful Links

Energy Healer and Artist Brent Atwater's Paintings that Heal™
Scientifically and Atlernatively documented art for health and art for healing
are featured on Adam Dream Healer's website under useful links:

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Laughter Therapy- The Power of Laughter thru "Atwater's Art with Attitude", Inspiring YOUR Giggle!

Laughter Therapy- The Power of Laughter thru "Atwater's Art with Attitude", Inspiring YOUR Giggle!

My new addition to Paintings that Heal™ is "Atwater's Art with Attitude," laughter therapy and laughter medicine on canvas to humor your soul. I've painted professionally 30+ years. As a medical intuitive & distance healer, I address serious health issues. To cheer myself up, I create paintings for my "Happy wall". These paintings make me smile, giggle or laugh out loud. I hope "Atwater's Art with Attitude" is inspirational for YOUR giggles! SO visit often and see humor on canvas that hopefully brightens and lightens your day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Let Yourself Loose with Paintings That Heal™ and create Healing Art for Children™

Let yourself Loose! with Paintings That Heal™ and create Healing Art for Children™

It is my prayer and intent that these workshops or individaul mentoring programs will assist and enable those who already have healing gifts and creative talents to expand even further.This empowering self help course opens the doors of your mind, your avenues of creativity, and liberates the healer within. You leave what "was", and journey thru and to "all that is and can be" thru the colors, images, ideas and energies that you create. There are no boundaries.

This course is about elevating energy, advancing health, cultivating wellness, and creating your wellbeing.If painting has ever crossed your mind, this is your course.
Experience is not a requirement, experiencing your intuition, the energies and creativity is! This facilitates your growth.
It's therapeutic and triggers your own healing abilities.
It's an interactive spiritual happening by delving into yoursoul and inspiring your intuition to access and express the energies that facilitate your wellbeing. The more you honor your individual expression and vulnerability, the greater you expand your awareness of, and honor all you are and can be.
You'll feel the shifts in your energies, as the colors and images flow while you paint various physical, emotional and spiritual issues.The ART of healing is being taken to a new level.

It's a combination of Lectures, painting, group discussionsand combinations thereof.

Participants take home:
New skills and tools to manage and express their personal and creative energy.
The ability to discern the various energies that they channel to protect themselves when accessing these energies,
How to channel the energies correctly while painting.

Length of Workshop:
This can be designed to be a full day workshop or planned as a seminar covering several days. Get a group together in your area and we'll create a custom workshop for you and your friends!!

Mentoring, Individual Program:
This is an individual mentoring program or a follow up continuing education for clients that have experienced a Paintings That Heal™ and creating Healing Art for Children™ workshop, and want to expand their journey thru focused consultations with me. To evaluate and address the the energies in your art during our conversation, you are required to send them to me before our consultation via email or regular mail. workshop, and want to expand their journey thru focused consultations with me.To evaluate and address the the energies in your art during our conversation, you are required to send them to me before our consultation via email or regular mail.
Personally, I think that art medicine will be a part of our future.............

Brent Atwater
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Friday, September 02, 2005

Healing Art for Children, Paintings That Heal™

Most parents, and caregivers spend a great deal of time, ensuring a healthy environment for their children. Healthy diets, clothing, conscious choice television, educational games, and carefully supervised schooling, friends and activities, all contribute to the wellbeing of your child. However, do you know that every ray of light consists of colors that have different wavelengths and energy frequencies? Do you know that those colors and the energy of those colors effects your mind, cells, and body chemicals? Not only are you what you think, what you see matters too!

By receiving color, texture and image information through our eyes, the color's energies communicate information to your brain to trigger various bodily functions to respond accordingly to that direction. The language of light is color. Cells communicate via the language of each color's energy. Color, texture and pattern energy input are constantly working on your cellular and subtle energy bodies at an unconscious level. The principles of dress for success, painting your environment (home and workplace) and decorating to promote and enhance well being, all substantiate the fact that subliminal visual input, effects and affects, all of your health systems.

What do you do with that knowledge? First let's evaluate your child's room. Are the walls happy colors, bland and boring, or just depressing? Those colors are the first thing that your child sees when he awakens in the morning. The bedroom's color's input is the initial subliminal information that starts his brain's chemical activity and cellular messages to his body for the day. You might want to also survey your bedroom and see what color input starts your morning. Like soothing sounds, or fragrant aromatherapy, painting rooms with specific colors can energize or de energize a room, creating a calm, healing, or a dynamic atmosphere. The next visual input is the artwork, posters, or pictures on the wall. Each image, the patterns of that image and in original artwork, even the textures are sending subliminal energy messages to your child's mind and body.

The next question to examine, how is your child responding from his current bedroom or environment? Does he sleep late in the morning, retreat to escape in his room, and what type of artwork is sending messages to support his wellbeing. Is his room neat, cluttered, or a wonderful expression of your child's best qualities?
Color can affect all of the above. The ultra sensitive Indigo child, Starchild, Crystal Kid, and other psychic children are even more affected by their visual input.

Preliminary findings for Paintings That Heal™, indicate that the energies of certain Paintings have reduced anxiety attacks and restlessness, creating a sense of calm and well being. Other Paintings inspire smiles and giggles, while others actually physically alter and assist physical and emotional, mental and spiritual healing by triggering the mind to assist the body in healing itself. Just being in the presence of these Paintings is all the exposure you need. A lady with asthma was able to reduce her medications after ongoing exposure to her Painting, a man's back pain terminated after 3 days.

Brent Atwater a medical intuitive and distant healer is the originator of Paintings That Heal™. By scientifically and alternatively researching and documenting the healing energies and benefits of Paintings That Heal™, this healing art is pioneering the way to substantiate art as an evidence based and documented healing modality. Findings continue to confirm the Paintings' healing abilities, and their use as a diagnostic tool as well. Paintings That Heal™ website invites visitors to view unnamed Paintings, and then are told what energies they contain. Email testimonials continually affirm that viewer's respond to the healing energies that have been, are, or potentially may be in their energy field OR in the energy field of someone very close to them.

So how is this beneficial to your child? First, Paintings That Heal™ are a non invasive healing modality that is an ongoing generator of healing energy which has no negative side effects and can be used with other modalities. The body can not be over saturated with too much energy from a Painting. Each Painting addresses the specific health or emotional, mental or spiritual issues of the individual for whom it was created. Research is continually confirming that over the years each Painting maintains the same degree of energy and potency as the day it was painted.
As a diagnostic tool, the Paintings assist in identifying disease and disorder in a noninvasive and non traumatic manner.

How does this work? The combination of essential Healing Energies mixed with the vibrational frequencies of each of the colors, images and textures in the finished Painting, activates the brain to trigger chemicals, and the body's cellular system to trigger internal frequencies that help the body to repair itself.

Survey the environment you and your child live in and think about what those colors, patterns, and images are relaying to your brain. The movie "what the Bleep#@!+" , provides an interesting example by using a woman's lifestyle to explain how everything effects and affects your body. Being aware of the "decorative" artwork and colors in your environment may help you better understand how to create a true space of healing, nurturing and wellbeing.You are cordially invited to experience Paintings That Heal™, visit

Brent Atwater: Medical Intuitive, Distant Healing, Artist, Author. Brent's global medical intuitive and distant healing work has been studied or documented at Duke, ARE, NCSU's Veterinary school. "PBS" did a program on her artwork. She attended Law School.In 1987 she founded “The Just Plain Love” Charitable Trust to benefit children and other worthwhile causes. Brent is author and illustrator of Just Plain Love™ Children's Healing Books,and Just Plain Love™ Productions, which are plays for children in healthcare facilities.
"the Heavenly Express" is a series of bereavement books for children. "Cancer Kids, God's Special Children" is her latest addition.

Brent's motto is "I want my art and books to DO good, as well as BE good!!!"

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